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  • What or who is Goatwoolsockmom?
    Goatwoolsockmom is a channel about natural parenting, alternative living, back to basics, homemade life, being different than others, self-sustainability, living life outside the forced upon us society, the search to freedom, ... It's a mom and her 6 children, trying to live life outside of the box, outside of the system.
  • What does Goatwoolsockmom mean?
    Goatwoolsock is a little word joke that only Dutch people will understand. Literally translated in Dutch it is "geitenwollensok". The story behind this is that this word was once used to ridicule people who wanted to live a more alternative, green, ecological life. Mainstream normies thought that our kind was weird and came up with this word to bully us. If we were that green, we probably wore goatwool socks. Their plan backfired. We, "geitenwollensokken", loved the name that was given to us and started using it proudly. We never once cared that others don't understand us and are proud of what we are achieving in our alternative life. Especially these past few years. I'm one of the proud users of the word "geitenwollensok". When searching for a nickname online, Goatwoolsockmom was born. A title worn proudly.
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